What to Give

The U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. provides several ways for you to donate to your Donor Advised Fund. As you determine which method is appropriate for you, please consult with your tax advisor and your estate planner to determine the right amount, the right time, and the right property for you to give. Your donations may include:


Cash donations are among the simplest and most popular types of charitable giving. These donations can come to your Donor Advised Fund from others who catch the vision of what you are doing, from fund-raising projects, or from your own personal philanthropy.


This large category includes both privately held and publicly traded securities, mutual funds, real estate, retirement plans, insurance policies, and the remainder interest of life estate gifts such as charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities. Non-cash assets are often highly appreciated and giving them through a public foundation such as U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. includes attractive tax benefits for our donors. Collections of valuable works of art, jewelry, antiques, and other personal property may also be donated to your charitable fund.


Mr. and Mrs. Allan wish to promote various charities in their community. They have worked hard in their business and believe that service to others builds wholesome values, strong principles, and a healthy outlook on how people can work together.

Robert Smith, attorney for the Allan family, tells them about U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. A Donor Advised Fund is established at U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. and is named, “THE ALLAN FAMILY FOUNDATION”.

Because U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. is a public charity, not a private foundation, donations to “THE ALLAN FAMILY FOUNDATION” are eligible for the maximum tax benefits afforded to public charities. U.S. Family Foundation, Inc.’s public status may also allow donors to avoid many of the stringent rules and regulations the IRS imposes upon private foundations.

Your charitable dream may be similar to this example, or very different. But whatever your dream, the professionals at U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. can help you fulfill it.