Local Sanctuary Donated to Florida Audubon

In December of 2015, U.S. Family Foundation was able to preserve a true piece of natural glory in Homosassa, Florida. Upon his death in 2012, John Emory Cason, Jr. a longtime resident of Homosassa, Florida bequeathed his land to the U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. It was Mr. Cason’s wishes to see the property retained in its natural glory and to be used as a bird sanctuary. Knowing these wishes our Board of Director’s met in the September of 2014 to honor those wishes.

cason-article-imageOur very own Karen Thurman, a director on our Board, was able to reach out to her contacts at the Florida Audubon Society. The Audubon society is known for its dedication to nature and compassionate care of local economies. Since 1886, the Florida Audubon Society has been working vigorously to preserve and protect local bird species throughout the state. The U.S .Family Foundation felt that the Audubon Society would the best way to honor Mr. Cason’s wishes of making the property into the bird sanctuary of his dreams.

The property is 80 acres of pristine coastal marsh and hammock habitat located off U.S. Highway 19. The property has no road access or walkable access from any adjacent roads. The road located closest to the property is S. Rooks drive in Homosassa. This property provides the perfect destination for nearly 200 species of coastal birds to nest and relax.

for-on-home-page-for-cason-articleCharles Lee, a spokesman of the Florida Audubon Society, Inc., was gracious enough to provide the following statement about the property:

“This is one of the most diverse and compellingly beautiful tracts of coastal marsh and hammock I have seen. It has wide open marshes and some pockets of open water against a backdrop of towering sabal palms at the edge of the hardwood hammock. There are Roseate Spoonbills and Wood storks in the march and a wide variety of birds of prey, such as Bald Eagles, Cooper Hawks, Red Shouldered Hawks, and several species of owls that patrol the edge of the forest and marsh looking for their next meal. It is truly an extraordinary place.”

We could not have said that better ourselves. We are so happy to see that the property has made it into the hands of such a wonderfully dedicated organization. The foundation knows that this property will be used to help protect and preserve the local bird populace as Mr. Cason had wished. Thank you so much to all the people that helped to conserve this local slice of natural glory!