Foundation for Healthy Africa (Project #163)

At the U.S .Family Foundation, we are comprised of various smaller foundations, commonly called “donor advised funds.” Each foundation was established by an individual with unique wishes and vision for their contribution. We typically refer to these foundation and/or their initiatives as “projects.’ Some projects are funded upon death while others are funded through current contributions. Each project can focus on many different missions such as veteran issues, children, college scholarships and hunger campaigns. We even have projects whose main mission is to promote education in third world countries. The Foundation for Healthy Africa, is one such project within the U.S. Family Foundation.

The Foundation for Healthy Africa’s mission is to provide student scholarships and fund projects that promote healthy lifestyles in Africa. The Foundation gives a hand to students who otherwise might not be able to reach their dreams and is a great way to work towards a better future. Recently, the Foundation for Healthy Africa donated money to a young woman from Malawi, Africa, who graduated from Africa University in 2010. This graduate was provided funding to help raise awareness through her non-profit, The Wandikweza Project. The Wandikweza Project aims to help women and children in poor rural communities by training local community health workers to provide support for the health needs of these poor families.

In addition to funding her trip to the U.S. to raise awareness for her non-profit, her daughter was awarded a scholarship from the Foundation for Healthy Africa to attend Africa University. The scholarship recipient will graduate in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Management; she’ll be able to return to Malawi to reinforce the health work started there by her mother. The Foundation for Healthy Africa is currently headed by Dr. Edward Dodge. Dr. Dodge has worked extensively with Africa University and is passionate about providing monetary resources to the hard working students at the university. Recently, he took a video while at the Africa University; you can click on this link to see the video (

Dr. Dodge grew up as the child of a missionary in Angola, Africa. He first visited Zimbabwe at age 12 when his parents drove across Africa. In 1967, upon graduation from John Hopkins University, Dr. Dodge became an Assistant Professor at the Public Health College in Gondar, Ethiopia for two years. After retiring in 1996, Dr. Dodge has made numerous Volunteer-in-Mission trips to Zimbabwe. In 2010, he was appointed as a volunteer Visiting Adjunct Professor at Africa University in Zimbabwe, teaching in the Master of Public Health program for one semester each year since then.

You can learn more about this project by calling our offices at (352) 637-4424. You can also donate to this currently funded project and visit their web page by going to