Foundation Fees

Endowment Projects: Characterized by gifts of assets either currently or through an estate distribution at death, with principal sum or deposit intended to endow one’s charitable giving.

  • A clear, specific charitable purpose must be submitted to U.S.F.F. for review and acceptance.
  • Projects operating with clear and present liability will be required to carry liability insurance with U.S.F.F. named as additional insured.
  • Projects will be responsible for any legal expensed incurred on behalf of the project.


Application Fee $500.00
Annual Fees:
Administrative Fee Schedule 1.00%
Investment Advisor Fee (If Applicable) maximum ** .60%
Maximum Annual Fees 1.60%

U.S. Family Foundation, Inc reserves the right to change the fee structure at anytime without notice.

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**The U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. reserves the right to retain an investment advisor to assist in the investment management of the funds held by it. The investment advisor may charge an annual investment management fee based upon the value of the assets then under its management. That fee may range from .4% to 1.25%. In addition, the investment advisor may, from to time to time, hold or invest assets in mutual funds, money market funds, or other investments that charge fees and expenses including management fees and distribution (12b – 1) fees out of the assets held in such investments. The investment advisor, or its affiliates, may receive a portion of such fees for providing certain services to the fund-company. Receipt of such fees by the investment advisor or its affiliate will not reduce the annual investment management fee charged by the investment advisor. Further information regarding these fees is available upon request.

U.S. Family Foundation, Inc does not participate in or receive investment advisory fees.