Donor Advised Fund


This account is the key to achieving your charitable wishes. You simply name it as the charitable beneficiary of your will, charitable trust, gift annuity, retirement plan, or insurance policy. It can also receive current gifts to facilitate your tax planning and enable you to give from the fund. Once your fund is established, you may add or delete charities from your charitable purpose at your discretion saving you the time and expense of changing wills, trusts or other legal documents.


You may name your children (or your grandchildren) or other trusted advisors to continue the living legacy of your giving beyond your lifetime. This will enable you to pass your giving values to your family and continue to support the charities that are important to you.


Because the U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. files a single tax return to include all donor advised funds, your individual family fund is never subject to public record. This is considered very attractive by many donors who do not wish to be contacted by charities who purchase lists and use public records for their fund-raising activities. U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. does not sell its donor list, and you can be assured that your Donor Advised Fund will never be solicited by anyone other than through your own activity.

Unless otherwise requested, your Donor Advised Fund will take the character of an endowment described in the example below. This will extend the giving values of your family and support the charities you love for many generations.


Mr. and Mrs. Adams wish to establish a foundation that will provide an unending stream of income to support the charities of their choice, and wish to make sure that children and grandchildren can continue to act as advisors to their foundation.

Mr. and Mrs. Adams establish an endowment foundation with U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. The foundation pays out 80% of its income each year to the selected charities. The remaining 20% of its income is added back to the foundation principal to help ensure a never ending and increasing stream of income for their selected charities.

They also name their children and grandchildren as Successor Advisors to their foundation to continue family involvement in the foundation.