Why Donate with the U.S. Family Foundation?

When you affiliate with us, your charitable goals become ours, as long as they fall within legal guidelines and policies established by our Board of Directors. Your purpose may be charitable, religious, educational, scientific, or health -- or a combination of these.

U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. provides all of the administrative, accounting, and tax services for each Donor Advised Fund. Our compliance department provides continued monitoring of the funds to assure that each transaction is properly executed in accordance with IRS regulations and is compatible with your charitable purpose.

Unlike the familiar community foundations which establish Donor Advsed Funds to benefit a small local area, your family fund at U.S. Family Foundation, Inc. will enable you to give to good causes all over the world

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Community Headlines

Early Learning Coalition of the Nature Coast

The Early Learning Coalition of the Nature Coast was established under Florida Statute. The Florida Legislature recognized that “school readiness programs increase children’s chances of achieving future educational success and becoming more productive members of society”. The Early Learning Coalition of the Nature Coast operates the School Readiness Program and the Voluntary Prekindergarten Program in… Read more »

Foundation for Healthy Africa (Project #163)

At the U.S .Family Foundation, we are comprised of various smaller foundations, commonly called “donor advised funds.” Each foundation was established by an individual with unique wishes and vision for their contribution. We typically refer to these foundation and/or their initiatives as “projects.’ Some projects are funded upon death while others are funded through current… Read more »

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